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Changelog |
2.0 11.15.06

- Merged shoutcast lite and full into 1 program
** If you do not have an admin password for your shoutcast server you can get limited information from the server "lite".

- Stats and History moved
** There was a need to hit collapsible +/- image to show song history and server stats. This has been moved to a 2 vbmenus as a click dropdown.

- Show Off Line Status
** Set to "No" to remove off line template when the shoutcast server is off line, or there is no DJ source

- Select what usergroups can see the add-on
- Fully phrased
- Cleaned up code in templates
- Changed and added templates.


- Moved body of hack to: /includes/shoutcast/scast.php vs. in datastore.
- added 2 templates: forumhome_shoutcast_who, forumhome_shoutcast_who_off
- popup player url from index.php to $vboptions[forumhome].php
- Locations:
  • Above Header
  • Below Header
  • Under Navbar
  • Above What's going on
  • Inside What's going on
  • Below What's going on
  • Custom

Select "Custom" and place $scast in FORUMHOME template for custom location.

** You may need to revert forumhome_shoutcast, forumhome_shoutcast_off
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