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DownloadsII PM moderation notification Add-On

I've uploaded a new add-on for DownloadsII: DownloadsII PM moderation notification Add-On As stated in the release thread, the add-on does this: when a user uploads a file via DownloadsII and that file is placed in moderation, all users that have the usergroup permission "Can Manage Moderation Queue" set to "Yes" will receive a PM notifying them about the file.

BUT ... the real reason I created it was to demonstrate how the new hooks that have been added to DownloadsII ver 5.0.4 can be used. The PM notification add-on uses the hooks dl_post_upload_add and dl_post_upload_edit. My hope is that other programmers will use these hooks to add other features to DownloadsII. (Hint - maybe for vbux integration!). By using the hooks, DownloadsII can be a modular program; different programmers can create modules that tie into the hooks that are available.

If you are a programmer and you see where another hook would be handy, let me know. There are currently five hooks: dl_pre_upload, dl_post_upload_add, dl_post_upload_edit, dl_pre_download, dl_post_download.

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