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Originally Posted by CyberRanger View Post
Place this in your forums directory. The code will give you an example of what you need to do.
Thanks, that will help alot.

Just a few questions, I have been removing bits of the code, to make it easier when I get ready to port it to the non vb page.

However I noticed the top contributers were not working, so I decided to remove that part, however i'm left with the template around it, but what would the best way to go about removing the template, and incorporating my own design. Because I tried to remove a template part, and the whole page went white with nothing on the page or I removed it and I couldnt see any of the text or info I needed.

I have been trying to remove everything that I will not need, so i'm trying to be left with just the latest files and Most Popular Files and nothing else on the page.

This is as far as I have got, (i'll upload the file as well)

If you could help me try and remove those last few things, or give me some advice, that would be really good.

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