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ImpEx itself should never change an existing admin user (userid = 1 for example), so not sure how you ended up with no valid admin. After the import you will always need to move the users to the correct usergroup and/or edt the newly created usergroups.

PS You should never try to manually change the data using phpMyAdmin as you seem to be trying.

If you have lost your access information for your Admin account and can not reset the password using normal procedures, then please do the following:
- Register a new regular forum account (or you could use an existing account).
- Upload tools.php from the 'do_not_upload' folder of your vBulletin distribution to your admincp directory.
- Now point your browser to tools.php.
- Choose "[Reset Admin Access]" to promote the new user account to admin
- Once your problem is fixed please remove tools.php again from the server.
- Optional: If needed add the userid of the new user to the super administrator list in your config.php
Marco van Herwaarden
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