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Originally Posted by El_Muerte View Post
Er.. yes, if your board uses it you should also update it.

Originally Posted by El_Muerte View Post
no usergroup check, it simply relies on vBulletin's API. if the user has privileges to moderate posts in a forum.
Yup, tested it various ways logging in as just a normal user and it works fine... thanks..

Originally Posted by El_Muerte View Post
"ham" is the going name for "not spam", you could simply change the phrases that use "ham".
I didn't know that... must be getting old... I think 'll change the phrases locally...

Nice mod... now I'm just waiting for a spammer to show up so I can see what happens.

I assume this doesn't put a performance (or bandwidth consumption) drain on the system when it's checking externally against their database?

Thanks again...

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