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Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
I assume this doesn't put a performance (or bandwidth consumption) drain on the system when it's checking externally against their database?
Depends on what you call a drain. Post will only be checked when they are created or edited. Only the post body (and a few other pieces of information) will be send to the akismet servers. This traffic is much less than an average user viewing the forum.

Starting from 0.3 you can limit the spam checking a bit. E.g. don't check spam for users in certain usergroups and/or check users with less that X posts (defaults to 50). Spammers are usually new users. No real need to check with established users.
50 might be a bit on the high side since it would take the user 50*post delay before he will get around the spam checking. For example if your post delay is 30 seconds it will take the spammer at least 25 minutes before he can start spamming the forum and get away with it. Of course the each post being made must be a valid post.
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