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Originally Posted by magnus View Post
How is this any different than: ?

Also, fopen() is a cludgy function to use and you'll find that many people will be unable to use it on shared hosting accounts (where fopen() is usually disabled in favor of the cURL() function).
Well there are several differences.

One being, there is only one plugin, and it uses one hook: url_to_bbcode.

Second, it uses Vbulletins built in method for matching URL's, instead of the one built into this hack.

If the user chooses not to parse links, during a reply or threadpost, then the hack won't override it as the hack you linked to appears to do.

I have never heard of a host disabling fopen, the only thing is when it used to open FILES, and safe mode is on, it will check the UID. However, I do not believe this applies when calling a remote document via http.

cURL on the other hand, must be installed on the system (well at least the libcurl package) whereas fopen is native.

What happens with the other hack when a user say, posts a link to the latest fedora distribution that is 2.7 GB? From what I see of the other hack, the server will attempt to download this entire package before parsing out a title (that it will never find). Of course, it will time out, or give you an exhausted memory error. My mod by contrast, only downloads the first 1000 lines of any document.

This also works with shoutbox or any other plugin that does not bypass the normal posting process, whereas the other only works with the newpost and and edit post hooks.

I hope this answers any of your questions.
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