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DownloadsII 5.1.2 Changelog

  • Backported CSRF security fix from the vB 4 release
  • Added permission check for Update Counters
  • Fixed PHP warnings when running PHP 5.3
  • Removed the imagecreatefrombmp() function. It doesn't exist.
  • Added permission check for rating submissions

DownloadsII 5.1.1 Changelog

  • Fixed bug with download log pruning (name of the hook location changed)

DownloadsII 5.1.0 Changelog


  • Backported vB 3.7 integration from v6 beta (navbar button/search, profile stats/tab)
  • Added HTTPS support for linked files
  • Better calculation of the usergroup download restrictions
  • Some other small code updates

DownloadsII 5.0.8 Changelog

  • Included the CSRF security fix from vBulletin 3.6.10/3.7 RC4

DownloadsII 5.0.7 Changelog

  • Added extra 666 chmod for uploading images
  • Fixed an uncached template when using the vBulletin basic editor
  • Removed one (unnecessary) query on all DownloadsII pages and tweaked count queries

DownloadsII 5.0.6 Changelog

  • Fixed XSS security issue with the WYSIWYG-editor on the file edit page
  • More code cleanup
  • *Really* fixed the update counters function (rerun the Update Counters after the upgrade to fix it)
  • Fixed the double slash in image URLs (strrpos() and strlen() have a different count method)
  • Fixed empty pages after taking actions using the Manage Files feature
  • Added the name parameter to the Content-Type header sent with a download (downloading using IE6 corrupted some files without this in rare cases)

DownloadsII 5.0.5 Changelog

  • Fixed mixed sort order of files on import page
  • Fixed hardcoded "Category" phrase in the Manage Files option
  • Changed category abbrevation in Manage Files to the full category name in the category dropdown windows
  • Updated optional navbar edit as the code to search changed slightly since vBulletin 3.6.7
  • Fixed problem with multiple pages being empty for the file manager (caused when you have an empty approval value)
  • Improved the downloads log with time and ip address information (+ some link and layout changes)
  • Fixed the fact that everyone with upload permissions could upload to every file, now you need to be the file author or need to have editall permissions
  • Fixed the update counters function which didn't recount the comment amounts (the comment stats were only resetted to 0)
  • Fixed XSS security issue with the optional downloads profile info
  • Added xmlns attribute to the html tag of the DOWNLOADS template
  • Fixed SQL injection security issues with category sorting and the assign uploader page
  • Fixed wrong conditions for displaying the assign uploader link
  • Fixed XSS security issues with unclean category and file id's in the templates
  • Fixed some other bugs and removed some redundant checks

DownloadsII 5.0.4 Changelog

  • Fixed small bug in class_downloads.php ($dl to $this)
  • Fixed possible wrong background on some tables
  • Added option to restrict daily files downloaded by usergroup
  • Enhanced option to restrict daily downloads based on MB and/or number of files
  • Removed left side bar (tops) from most of the views with option to display
  • Modified search results: added small description and category name, removed # of downloads and rating
  • Added "download delay" setting to usergroups
  • Fixed bug in mass upload if the file name contained an apostrophe
  • Added IP check for max daily MB and file download check
  • Modified templates downloads_wrapper_side and dowloads_wrapper_none so that the "disclaimer" will appear if no tops are wanted.
  • Added setting in admincp for cleaning log entries that are older than x days.
  • Added Javascript prompt before deleting a file, image or comment
  • Added five custom hook locations (dl_pre_upload, dl_post_upload_add, dl_post_upload_edit, dl_pre_download, dl_post_download)
  • Fixed W3C errors in $dmemberfiles
  • Fixed manfiles mass update (wasn't working any more)
  • Fixed a bug which caused old downloads titles to disappear
  • Fixed category images of sub-categories, which weren't displayed in IE
  • Moved assignuser permissions condition from the templates to downloads.php and changed permissions slightly
  • Changed the word "purgatory" to "moderation queue" in the phrases
  • Added a missing AdminCP footer to the edit category page
  • Added rel noffolow attributes to the sort links for better SEO
  • Changed some stop message pages in the AdminCP to redirection pages
  • Improved pagination to the vBulletin coding standards (with a better security)
  • Redirect after mass update corrected to manfiles
  • Changed the tables code to prevent a small white space at the left and the right side + some various layout fixes
  • Fixed an XSS security issue with the category view and search

DownloadsII 5.0.3 Changelog

  • Linked downloads don't open any more in the same window
  • Some more code cleanup (removed ec_demo mode, ...)
  • Fixed a bug with tags being stripped from the description
  • Fixed the "Bandwidth value maxed out at 4294967 KB" issue (int(10) to bigint(30))
  • Removed the filesize condition from the download delay time
  • Sort on total comments in the dropdown box
  • Sort on file name in the category view now also clickable in the table header
  • Fixed an unnecessary query for the vBulletin editor when viewing a file and comments are disabled
  • Updated DownloadsII.txt and renamed it to Readme-Install.txt

DownloadsII 5.0.2 Changelog

  • Fixed link to files in user profile by modifying the template downloads_memberfiles_bit
  • Fixed "File Name" phrase on file detail page by modifying the template downloads_file
  • Modified "delay" to work better with guests. The client's ip is now stored in the table dl_downloads.
  • The file description is now optional
  • Fixed issue with counters not updated when a file is deleted or when a files status is changed using "Manage Files"
  • Dropped ec from the beginning of the product name

DownloadsII 5.0.1 Changelog

  • Added everything from ecDownloads Buddy back into DownloadsII
  • Plug a security hole that could be used for a DoS attack
  • Completely re-wrote the method for downloading files
  • Cleaned up the "Downloads" section of the admincp (thanks EvilHawk!)
  • Permit safe_mode to be on
  • Plug a security hole that could be used to get total control of your vBulletin installation (discovered by Jelle)
  • Added better protection against DoS attacks. The vb admin can now specify the minimum wait between file downloads.
  • Added ability to decide which file extensions provide "save as" option on download and which open automatically in the browser
  • 100% XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.1 W3C compliance
  • Removed borders of all images
  • Fixed wrong aligned text editor when adding a file with IE
  • Moved a lot of hardcoded text to phrases and fixed some missing phrases
  • Fixed two wrong phrases for navbits (Add & Edit file)
  • Fixed a bug with manage files causing an invalid sql
  • Fixed a bug with manage files causing you couldn't select the Pin option in the dropdown menu
  • Fixed a bug with the category page: category images of sub categories weren't showing up ($dl->picwidth doesn't exist)
  • Removed examples for file name and author when adding a file
  • Cached an uncached template causing an extra query on the 'Assign New Uploader' page
  • Removed the unnecessary 'add_to_dlinks' hook location
  • Cleaned up a lot of code to the vBulletin coding standards
  • Added a downloads folder with an empty index.html
  • Replaced the top panel with the side panel on the downloads index
  • Added dynamic titles for better SEO and navigation
  • Added a download button next to the two tiny links (thanks Norke!)
  • Fix: comments and votes weren't removed when you deleted a file
  • Fixed wrongly recorded votes
  • Changed the two desc fields in the database to description (because of database backup problems with desc)
Now released: DownloadsII 6.0.9 (for vB 4.x) and 5.1.2 (for vB 3.7.x and 3.8.x) - Belgian/Dutch computer and technology site

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