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Another bug.

Hi there,

Just found another bug.

On plugin called NLP vMail - Functions, function vB_version, where is a "=" should be a "==", marked in red below.

function vB_version($_ver)
{// GET current vBulletin version.
if(empty($_ver)){return false;}
$_current = explode('.', FILE_VERSION_VBULLETIN);
if($_current[1] == $_ver)
return true;
return false;

Also this function loads vBulletin version number from version_vbulletin.php file, which isn't the correct way to do this. This file is empty! So you need to edit and change this file to:


define('FILE_VERSION_VBULLETIN', '3.7.0');


I asked vBulletin team about this file and they replied this:

The developer should then correct this code!

I hope to have helped other people using this great mod.

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