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Originally Posted by simunaqv View Post
Hi DJ,
Can you give me an example of how patterns can be matched in source HTML?
Just look at the source code in your browser (View >> Source) and look for the numbers/letters you need (use the Find option in whatever program opens up the source code). Build your Embed Regexp to match the area where the ID number appears in the code consistently. Group the area in the RegEx that needs to be referenced and put the $ variable wherever that group should go in the Replacement HTML It's going to be different for every site, so there's no real example. Take a look at the extraction RegEx for a bunch of different definitions and you'll see that it's almost always something unique to the website.

Best I could compare it to is, say you need an ID number for the embed code that isn't in the URL string. Say your embed code's video source is Well, 123456 isn't in the URL. The URL just says!.html. So your going to have to look for 123456 in the source code. Thing is, is not in the HTML of the page either. So you have to get those numbers some other way.

You look at the source code of a few pages and you notice that the vidID is there in the pages, it's just not like it is in the embed code. In this hypothetical example lets say it's found like this in the source of the page: src="/getplayer/v=id123456.flv"

So, you build your RegEx to match this for the extraction RegEx: src="/getplayer/v=id([\d]+)\.flv I grouped the area with ID number because that's what I'm going to refrence in my embed code. So that part in the embed code Replacement HTML will look like$p1.flv

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