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I hate long first posts, so I thought I would reserve this one for the Features and FAQ

  • Allows user to simply 'paste' in a URL (i.e. a youtube link) without needing to know any special tags. However instead of displaying just the URL, it will show the media embedded within the post
  • is lightweight as it does all of her chores without the overhead of having 1 bbcode per pattern or trying to parse a post every single time it gets displayed with a bunch of patterns. AME radically reduces overhead and speeds up processing. The only time ame will kick in is after creating a new post or after editing an existing one (or if an ame tag is found)
  • is extensible. She allows you to add, edit, delete, import and export patterns. That way you can decide which services to support, how they should look and then share them with others! At time of typing this, there are over 150 media sites that have been contributed by members
  • can extract the media title (requires your server to allow url wrappers with fetch_contents or ccurl)
  • can extract embed code from sites whose URLs do not contain sufficient information to embed the video
  • can rebuild your old posts to convert your 'other' mediaish tags into URL tags.
  • can rebuild your old posts, blogs, comments, visitor and social group messages to convert URL tags into ame tags where needed
  • can convert her codes BACK to url codes so you're not stuffed with a bunch of dead tags if you uninstall!
  • won't uglify your site by having videos appear in quotes, php, code or html blocks (blech!)
  • can be globally disabled
  • can be excluded from forums
  • can exclude usergroups
  • can be toggled on/off per post, blog, comment, visitor and social group message
  • would cook dinner for you if she had arms
  • can wrap the output in a 'container' with original URL
  • has a super comprehensive admincp help system. Yes, I actually took the bloody time to add all the info you need into vB's admincp help system. If you ask a silly question in this thread that is addressed in the help system, you will be taunted.
  • is fully phrased
  • has hooks around integral operations so you can extend it
  • Supports embedding in vbBlog, Visitor Messages and Social Groups.
  • Can be disabled in one or more of the following sections: Posts, vbBlog, Visitor Messages and/or Social Groups
  • Validation ability. This will help prevent media being embedded that can not be embedded (i.e. youtube videos that the author has stipulated can not be shown off of youtube). This option requires the extraction option to be turned on and a valid validation regexp. I have included one in the default youtube version. When a video on you tube gets embedded, but the author doesnt allow embedding, a link (with icon) is shown instead.
  • Ability to prevent non authorised usergroups from viewing (see Readme file in zip for more info)
  • Usergroup permissions (edit usergroup to adjust edit/view permissions)
  • Template driven system
  • Signatures supported
  • Different sizes and template configurations for each supported zone (posts, blogs, groups, visitor messages and signatures)
  • A couple new hooks (Mainly to support a future add on for AME media in profiles)
  • Notfication system (similar to vB's to check for errors)
  • Definition keys for easier updating of definitions and to use in templates
  • File caching system which radically reduces processing
  • And more that I cant think of off the top of my head!

  • Can you make me a definition for xyz? Personally, no - I just don't have the time, however there are plenty others that do (Digital Jedi being the grand champion).
  • Can I use my definitions from a previous version? You should be fine with many of the definitions for AME 2.0 however many of the new features will not work until the definitions have been updated.

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