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Originally Posted by EagleNick View Post
Can you give any confirmation as to whether or not these will be looked into?

They are, just ran into some other issues, that i needed taken care of first.

Originally Posted by rapidphim View Post
will there be a search system for this or order by alphabetical order?
also, no editing feature?
also, can we have option to add address, phone number and such beside just site desc., rating, and url?

how can you remove the Evi Modules on admincp?
Havent planned for a search system, but could be possible, dont see why not.
will add it to the todo.

Nope no editing feature, dont see why you would need a edit feature.

Address and phonenumber, sounds alot like a address roladex rather than a link system
Not going to add contact details for now, perhaps later.
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