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Version History

- JavaScript minor bug fix on showthread
- forumdisplay re-direct handled by vBulletin's inbuilt re-director

- WOL for articles.php
- altered showthread
- altered first post/ article postbit
- choose modules for articles.php

- Better phrase changing for newpost
- Moved Rating in Show Thread
- More display options for Article Post
- Fixed ie 6 image bug

- Search by first letter of article title
- Show letters at top of articles.php for easy searching
- option to use default sort order in $foruminfo
- option to disable article forums on some forum styles
- option to specify div surrounding article thumbnail width for consistency on articles.php

- Search article text for image thumbnail to display on articles.php (if post has no attachments)
- Article tools beneath Author info

- fix ie8 bug

- more options
- search articles on articles.php
- fixed display of articles.php in internet explorer

- included missing template
- fixed article multiple pages issue
- added option for title length limit
- added option for length of thread/article preview

- fixed showthread bug
- works with just one forum
- hides signature in article postbit

- initial release

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