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Originally Posted by New Joe View Post
I tried that but it didn't work.
Could you give me a more "step by step" way to do it, including where to upload the images.
Also do I have to add anything to the code change?
How does it know which picture to add to which Forum?
Hey Joe.
Try to upload images in the folder misc.

If it doesn't work, you can test this:

Only if you have 3.7.x and newer version (3.8.x)

You can have specific status icons by forum.
With no product, no template modification and very easy.


1. AdminCP

AdminCP >> Forums & Moderators >> Forum Manager >> Choose a forum

In this forum, find: Style Options
In Style Options,
we can modify Prefix for Forum Status Images.

This setting allows you to have a prefix by forum that will be used on status icons filenames.

You must enter here your forum ID.

How I can find my forum ID?
On the same page, at the top of this page, you've your forum name and your forum ID.

In this example, ID is "2", so you must enter "2" in Prefix for Forum Status Images.
Then, I use "_" so that it is more clean on your filenames.

2. Images

Now, you have to create your images for every forum where you want to have specific status icons.

Your images must have this name:

In my example, images have this name:

Finally, upload images into "images/yourstyle/statusicon".
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