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Channel Image Problem Solutions:

For each Channel, you have to create 3 gif images which ends like below:
  • _sel.gif (image displayed when channel is selected) (original color image):
  • _nosel.gif (image displayed when channel is not selected) (slight transparent of the original image):
  • _new.gif (animated image displayed when the channel contains new message, if warn system is active):

This is why it says to not put the end of the image name.

For example, if you name your images :

  • staffchannel_sel.gif
  • staffchannel_nosel.gif
  • staffchannel_new.gif

Into ACP > MGC Chatbox Evo > Manage channels > Add Channel

Name of the channel image
Don't put the file extension nor the sel/nosel/new suffix.
The images must be uploaded in the images/misc/mgc_cb_evo/channels folder.

You would use and put in that blank field space : staffchannel

thanks and hope it help the others too...

thanks and best regards...


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