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Thanks everyone, and thanks for taking the time to post some of the bugs i missed.
I am also now aware that the attachment popup needs to be themed as well.

Originally Posted by DaninMS View Post
looks great. going to install and see how my users like it.

EDIT- Might want to update the readme to reflect the new Darkness3 directory name. "1: Upload images to "*your forums*/images/Darkness/"
Thank you, will change next update.

Originally Posted by derfelix View Post
Very nice.. great job... one little teeny weenie bug report..
(well its not a bug.. just an omission)
But its easy to fix..
If you have a notification.. the whateveryoucallit has still default vbulletin color..
see screenshot.. but as I said.. thats minimal..
In my case.. I had an incoming friedship request..

thx for that style..!!!!
Nice find mate, will fix this asap

Originally Posted by rice View Post
very well done.
np glad u like it
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