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Release History:

Release Candidate 1:
[FIX] template rewrites
[NEW] URL check included
[OPTIMIZED] code optimizations

Release Candidate 2:
[FIX] Wrong usernames in contact info
[FIX] Ratings in Postbit: Link is clickable, but not colored
[REMOVED] Trader Ratings in Members List: Own column isn't working
No way to get this work any more
[NEW] "Rate" button in the first post of a trade thread (has to be activated in the settings. It is disabled after installing/updating)

Release Candidate 3:
[FIX] navbar menu isn't displayed correctly in IE
[FIX] "Rate Trade" button is shown even if the user has no permissions to rate others
[FIX] wrong example urls above url entry when submitting a new feedback
[FIX] "Rate Trade" button was renamed to "Rate Seller"
[NEW] automatically add the url when clicking on "Rate Trade" button
[NEW] added PHP 5.2 compatibility (untested)

[FIX] Profile tab is now working

2.5.1 (vBulletin 4.0.1)
[FIX] Profile tab isn't working with vB 4.0.1
[FIX] hardcoded phrases in navbar menu
[NEW] "Submit feedback for XXX" in profile tab
[NEW] URL check enhancements

2.5.2 (vBulletin 4.0.2)
[FIX] Profile tab issues
[FIX] A few design issues

2.6.0 (vBulletin 4.0.2)
[FIX] Page Title on Submit Feedback Page
[FIX] Page Title on Options Page
[FIX] Options Page Templates not cached
[FIX] Typo 'bocksubhead' in Template "memberinfo_block_cat_itrader_stats"
[FIX] Invalid User Message - now there is a login
[FIX] Main Page - Wrong Rating Counts
[FIX] Design Enhancements
[FIX] Feedback Score Memberlist Issues
[FIX] Feedback Score Postbit Issues
[NEW] Completely redesigned Search Pages
[NEW] Optimized Layout of Submit Feedback/Answer Page

2.6.1 (vBulletin 4.0.2)
[FIX] specialtemplates added - might prevent some bugs
[FIX] Queries optimized for boards with slave servers
[FIX] Template for Feedback Stats in Postbit wasn't cached
[FIX] German Phrase on Submit Feedback Page
[NEW] Redesigned Feedback Bits

[OPTIMIZED] Design Enhancements
[OPTIMIZED] Code Cleanings
[OPTIMIZED] iTrader Profile Tabs replacing "normal" links
[OPTIMIZED] Rewritten Postbit Feedback Score (Simplier Editing by templates)
[NEW] Hide URL Input Option

[FIX] Feedback Score: Missing </vb:if>

[OPTIMIZED] Rate Trade Button - Check "Valid Forums Only" setting instead of Feedback Score forums
[NEW] Navbar Links - Permission Check

[NEW] Main Page Redesigned
[NEW] User Page Redesigned
[NEW] Feedback Page Redesigned
[NEW] Sidebars
[NEW] Search Username Suggestions

2.7.1 (internal release)

[OPTIMIZED] Speed optimizations by index changes
[NEW] Select stats displayed on the main page
[NEW] Setting to display rate trade button in all posts
[NEW] "Not rated yet" message on itrader user page
[NEW] Own iTrader vBulletin Tab
[FIX] Moderator/Admin Rating Change Error
[FIX] User Avatars
[FIX] "Your iTrader Profile" phrase hardcoded

[FIX] vBulletin >4.0.4 guest issues
[FIX] Add {vb:raw headinclude_bottom} to prevent custom style issues
[FIX] Installation T_STRING error
[FIX] itrader_rate_trade uncached
[FIX] iTrader Options Page Issues
[FIX] Left for others issues on itrader page

[FIX] Main Page: Words Seller, Buyer and Trader were mixed up
[FIX] User Page: Different Feedback Counters were not displayed

[FIX] Report Rating: Wrong URL in PM
[FIX] iTrader Details: Database Error as Guest
[FIX] Added 'itrader_total' index to user table to minimize query loads
[FIX] Cache 'itrader_membertab_css' template
[NEW] Restructured Settings
[NEW] AdminCP: iTrader Settings Link in Navigation

[FIX] Wrong path to IP graphic
[FIX] Editor issues (vBulletin 4.1.4)

- vBulletin StyleVars
- Differentiation between Rate Seller and Rate Buyer
- Show feedback score in private messages
- Threads for reported ratings
- Redesign Pages
- Clean-ups in PHP Code
- Clean-ups in Templates
- Clean-ups in Product

[PLANNED][NEW] Speed optimization for itrader main page (in big forums)

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