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2.1.0 Changes
2.1.0 is a major release in terms of bug fixes. There were several critical bugs found in the 2x series that allowed for users to purchase lottery items and effectively allow for an infinite amount of points. In addition, there have been a number of Administrative Control Panel feature changes for better organization. I have also corrected a count() error on the market page and also the Admin CP statistics page. Finally, the admin permissions have been redone and also I've introduced a point market cp for the moderator control panel. The next release after 2.1.0 will be a major new version with many new market items, categories for gifts, and a major surprise that will allow far better integration with vbcredits!

2.0.0/2.0.1 Changes
2.0.0 makes a surprise release as the Point Market goes under the most extensive overhaul in the product's history. The Admin CP has almost been completely rescripted from head to toe. New features include transaction history, ability to delete gifts, lottery setup, gambling addition, user permission category and items, statistics, and maintenance. In addition, almost a dozen moderate glitches were found and fixed in this version and the main page of the Point Market has been redesigned to not look so bland. Finally, I've added a way for custom market items to be scripted and market items can now be assigned to categories of your choosing. In total there are not 45 market items and categories!

1.0.4 Changes
1.0.4 feature changes includes some additional features on the Admin CP. The most noteable change is admins can now physically edit the current Market purchase settings for most transaction types by editing a user. In addition, Administrator Permissions have been setup to enable/disable certain admins access of the Point Market. There is a new category and several new purchase items. The new category is Posts, which allows for 4 additional market items. In addition a strikethrough purchase item has been added to the User Title and Username category. The Point Market now has over 31 categories and items!

1.0.3 Changes
1.0.3 features many major changes to the Market script. Some of the features includes controlling the point decimals places for the sidebar, donation reason, steal percent possibility per usergroup, new category featuring gifts, purchase a gift for yourself, create a custom gift, purchase a gift for another user, purchase market gift access. Additionally, there are a number of template changes for better visibility and bug fixes including donation history not being viewable and multiple pages link not working.

1.0.2 Changes
Some of the new feature changes that have been applied in 1.0.2 include refund functionality, donation history, stolen point history, stolen point protection. There are additional features and abilities tied into the refund feature, which I did because of feedback from those who have installed. In addition, there are numerous bug fixes. I strongly recommend you upgrade from a previous version immediately to enjoy a much more stable version of the Point Market. Also, if you are upgrading, please reupload the images folder as there are several new images and some images have change.

Download History
Version 3.1.0 Beta 4: 207 Downloads
Version 3.1.0 Beta 3: 179 Downloads
Version 3.1.0 Beta 2: 56 Downloads
Version 3.1.0 Beta 1: 118 Downloads
Version 3.1.0 Alpha 4: 290 Downloads
Version 3.1.0 Alpha 3: 93 Downloads
Version 3.1.0 Alpha 2: 69 Downloads
Version 3.1.0 Alpha 1: 63 Downloads
Version 3.0.1: 882 Downloads
Version 3.0.0: 552 Downloads
Version 3.0.0 RC 4: 525 Downloads
Version 3.0.0 RC 3: 131 Downloads
Version 3.0.0 RC 2: 437 Downloads
Version 3.0.0 RC 1: 184 Downloads
Version 2.1.0: 850 Downloads
Version 2.1.0: 850 Downloads
Version 2.0.1: 663 Downloads
Version 2.0.0: 117 Downloads
Version 1.0.4: 375 Downloads
Version 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3: 107 Total Downloads

Screenshots are below Includes 3.0.0 Updates:
Attached Images
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File Type: gif market_itemview.gif (89.8 KB, 5319 views)
File Type: gif market_bank.gif (84.8 KB, 4166 views)
File Type: gif market_mainpage.gif (79.3 KB, 3226 views)
Currently in Production:
vB 4: Point Market System Version 3.1.2 (A Point Donate/Store System)
Point Market Support: Support Trouble Ticket System

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