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Originally Posted by tafreeh View Post
Thanks paul.. it makes sense... if both options are turned off, where reported post would go
enabling email moderator solves the issue.
To make this modification work, you MUST have reporting set to create a new thread in a specified reported posts forum, doing this removes the need to enable emailing. Are you sure you set this up correctly ?

Originally Posted by ToNetU View Post
is it possible to send a notify/pm to the moderators? so they can know that there is a reported post!
Nope, nor is it necessary, they can see them both in the specified forum, or by viewing this list.

Originally Posted by ToNetU View Post
and how can i make the reported post list between the reporter and moderators? so it will list the reposters that he/she sent and our actioned.
Sorry, I dont understand the question.

Originally Posted by meschiash View Post
Mod installed on vB 4.0.1, and after reporting post does not appear in the list of reported posts. What could be wrong?
No idea - have you set it up correctly ?

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