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Originally Posted by Mike_K View Post
Search for phrase


Replace "Donate to support this site..." with your text

edit: also phrase: "vsapaypal_goal_received_month"... replace: "Goal amount for this month: {1} {2}, Received: {3} {2} ({4}%)"
I found this:
{vb:rawphrase vsapp_donbar_period, {vb:raw vsapp_donbar_goal}, {vb:raw vboptions.vsapaypal_currency}, {vb:raw vsapp_donbar_total}, {vb:raw vsapp_donbar_done}}
Editing is phased by all:
{vb:rawphrase vsapp_donbar_period, {vb:raw L'obiettivo_di_questo_mese}, EUR, 4, 8}
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