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Originally Posted by bananalive View Post
  1. added link
  2. not sure what you mean
  3. I've redone this template for next version, but it should just have default icon?
  4. fixed
  5. Should be appearing for you, check you have the template hook profile_stats_pregeneral in your templates memberinfo_block_statistics and memberinfo_block_aboutme
Thanks again for the prompt reply and update .
  1. I've found another few;
    • when you try to add another team (competitions.php?do=addteam) and you've already reached the maximum you're allowed
    • when challenging someone who can't recievie PMs (ladders.php?do=insertchal).
    • if you attempt to challenge the same team/user twice in a row (ie when a challenge is still pending)
  2. This;
  3. If there's no easy way to get the post icons to work then yeah that'd be fine.
  4. Thanks.
  5. Apologies, I was expecting it to be an additional tab like "Friends" "Blogs" etc. but I had a look again and just noticed it near the bottom on the "About Me" tab .

I also found a few more issues;
  1. When a user requests to join a team they should get a pop up/notification to say that it first needs to be approved by a leader because currently it *appears* to the end user that it hasn't work.
  2. On a ladder list, the option to remove another user gets truncated rather than wrapped;
  3. When submitting scores, there's a box for uploading screenshots but no way to upload any (I tried entering a url of an image but didn't see it appear anyway on the results screen). this box does not appear if you are doing a team ladder.
  4. If you create a team ladder, clicking on the team name on the ranking tab takes you to (/competitions.php?do=viewteam) rather than bring up the pop up containing the option to challenge.
  5. A user is able to report a challenge, before any scores are submitted, but this doesn't get put through to the "reported matches" section. I can't think of a reason why someone would report a challenge before any scores have been submitted (as they could just reject the challenge) so maybe it'd be simpler to just remove the report link until after a user has entered scores?
  6. If you admin insert a ladder challenge then on ladders.php?do=challenges it pulls two seemingly random team members to display under "match" rather than team names.
  7. When viewing "Your challenges" on a ladder, the column titles are centred but the contents are aligned left which, without column borders, makes it a bit confusing to look at.
  8. The 'user can't receive PMs' error message seems to also be based off whether they are able to track PMs (Can Use Message Tracking) rather than just the "Maximum Stored Messages" usergroup setting.

  • Send the team owner/leader(s) a notification when someone has requested to join their team.
  • If a user doesn't have permission to view tournaments or ladders then the "Competitions" tab in the navbar should be hidden from them.
  • As a team owner, if you promote another member to co or full leader then still be able to demote them (to co-leader or regular member).
  • Disallow HTML to be entered into category names as on competitions.php?do=categories, you can enter (and display) an image as a title.
  • Add a "My Ladders" filter, which would display all ladders a user had entered (either as an individual or as part of a team).
  • A notification when a user has accepted/rejected your challenge.

Thanks again for all your hard work on this mod .
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