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Support and debugging

Ill help whenever I find the time. Please help me by doing the following:
  • Before asking, please activate debug mode in AdminCP. Debug information is only shown to Administrators (usergroup 6). Always state the products you use. Some hints:
    • When posting the information given there, please do so using [code]debug info[/code]-BBCode to keep this thread clear. Thank you!
    • Please try the two links given (if present) - do they look "normal" and do they work?
  • I may ask you to provide AdminCP, FTP and Database access. I realize this requires quite some trust, but up to now I managed neither to crash any boards nor to steal any data. So, if you're willing to do so, I promise to behave and be cautious, but won't be liable for anything :
    • Regarding the Admin Account to your forum, please make sure it has the necessary administrator permissions so I can access the options page and the template system.
    • I will need FTP access to your forum on root level.
    • If necessary, I may upload a small mysql tool called adminer to access your database.

A note on vBGallery and Photoplog support

I have installed vBGallery only in a local testing environment. Please note that I can only give limited support. CND Garage and Photoplog which were previously supported I do have no access to in vB4 versions, so at the moment they will not be converted.

A note on "conflicts" with other editor/quickreply/quickedit mods

Normally, there should be no fundamental conflict. The template edits for this mod do nothing but to add an additional button to the toolbar in quickreply and quickedit and a link to the main editor.
However, if other mods you have installed already induced template changes there, you might have to adapt the template changes accordingly. A good solution might be to melt the template changes for this mod into the template changes for the other. I'm afraid I'll not be able to help you there, since I do not have those mods installed. But ask away here or, perhaps even more promising, in the thread for the other mod, perhaps anyone else has.Please take note of this post here, too.
On principle, you should be able to add the link that opens the popup anywhere within the various editor-tamplates in any form you like - whether you put up text or the button in front of the link, doesn't really matter. What you essentially need is a link like this one somewhere within the editor:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

If you don't want text, remove "$vbphrase[photo_popup_insert]" and replace it with the editor image "$vbphrase[photo_popup_insert]" - or anything else.

Note for translations vB3 -> vB4

The prefix for phrases has changed from photo_popup_ to cel_pp_. You should be able to do a search/replace easily. There have been no new phrases introduced (If I didn't overlook anything).
Please note that there will be no further updates to my addons, especially they will not be upgraded for vB5. I'm leaving vB, since IB choose to go the banana-way yet again.

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