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Q. Should I use vBulletin 4's built in Spam Management system?
A. You can do whatever you like, but we recommend disabling it. If you have this enabled and have problems, we won't be able to support you. Spam-O-Matic was built to run standalone from any other Spam prevention modules.

Q. Can you add something in the admincp so I can remove users from there too?
A. Yes we can and we did. it is now available in version 2.1+

Q. Does this mod work in vBulletin 3.x?
A. probably not. It might but its not recommended as we have not tested it and it was not built for vB3. There is an older version that works on vB3 here.

Q. How come there are links to on my public forum?
A. That would be because you did not use the settings to turn the "Give Thanks" link off.

You can disable the "Give Thanks" link if you do not want to help support this mod. Please keep in mind that this is a free mod and development and support for it does cost time and money.

We rely on your links to our site to help support development of this mod so we greatly appreciate your participation if you keep the "Give Thanks" link enabled. Linking to us ensures support and future (New and Improved!) releases. Yes, it is OK to link to us even if you use a different host. GlowHost has thousands of customers that link to other hosts. They pay for their hosting, they are free to link whatever they like.

It's a very small and unobtrusive link. Come on! Help us out and link us! (How is that for shameless self-promotion?)

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