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Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
Getting some odd behavior ....

Since installing this mod, I've found automated posts from two names that we use for posting information about classified ads (uses RSS function) and multiple user logins, are having their posts placed in moderation, which never happened before.

Both these users belong to the Admin user group and the only thing they have in common is their posts are generated automatically by either the RSS funciton in vBulletin 4 or by an add-on mod which creates a post in a forum advising moderators about people who are attempting duplicate logins and registrations.

Not sure why this mod would cause this, but perhaps it has something to do with the fact we're still running vBulletin's Akismet function in tandem with this mod? With just vBulletin's Akismet check running, we don't get this problem...

Yeah I've just noticed that aswell. I was trying to figure out why my RSS feeds weren't posting
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