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Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
Akismet direct support etc were added new in VB4 as options ...

Not knowing what you said above, we left VB's services ON and have been running them side by side after installing your mod, so far without a problem. Perhaps we'll leave then ON for now and see if there's any obvious conflicts and post here if we observe any.
Not sure how that will work, our forums have the default vB stuff turned off and only run this mod. Seems like the built-in functions our similar but maybe a little less robust.

Originally Posted by BadgerDog View Post
Thanks again for your work... nice integration .... would love to see a ONE BUTTON option similar to mfyvie's old 3.6 One-touch Spam Ban and Cleanup. When trying to deal with spammers on a PDA or iPhone sitting in an airport, that one button approach in the spammer's profile that banned him, removed all his messages permanently and sent reports to stopforumspam database (with an optional add-on) was excellent. So, if you ever think about additional options, we'd sure appreciate that one.
Yes I would like to see that too and it is planned for a later version when we can figure out how to get it doen without manual template modifications.
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