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Are you saying your RSS user has more posts than the configured value and is also ADMIN and it is being moderated?
In our case, yes... our RSS Poster name "Quartermaster Stores" has 120 posts and is classified as a usergroup Admin, yet it keeps putting that username's posts into the moderation queue. Also, our "Admin" username that auto posts in a mod forum inappropriate multiple logins has 18 posts and it puts his posts into the moderation queue as well.

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Yes, you could disable auto-moderation by setting the post count to 0.
I will try that ...

Note: Just has a regular registered member (18 posts) have one of his posts placed in moderation queue and I've never seen that before. We had the Akismet setting (vBulletin's version) at 1, which according to their instructions means that shouldn't happen with their version. As I said, it never did previous to testing this mod. Let me set your auto-moderation to 0 and see what happens.

This setting controls how many of a user's posts will be scanned by the Anti-Spam Service. Once a user's post count exceeds this threshold, his or her posts will not be scanned for spam content. To always scan posts set this value to 0.

Edit: Just checked and your auto-moderation count for URL's was already set to 0, but it still stopped the user with 18 posts? It's worth noting that user had 5 links to external images in his post that got moderated. The Auto-Moderation: Minimum Post Count was set to 1, so I just changed that one to 0. Does this help at all?

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