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Regarding your RSS, is that done through some plugin or is that done using vB's built in RSS?

As for auto-moderation of your guy with 18 posts, that may be a conflict with running vBs Akismet service in tandem with Spam_O-Matic which I don't recommend trying as it has not been tested.

This module was meant to run standalone from any other anti-spam.

Is there some reason to run both that I am not seeing?
It's vBulletin's standard RSS built into v4.0.4pl1. It's reading a standard v2 RSS feed and creating a post in a forum, using an Admin account.

After resetting your "Auto-Moderation: Minimum Post Count" which was set to 1 to 0, I note that a recent auto RSS post by the same Admin account posted successfully without being placed in moderation. Can I assume that's because by changing it to 0, the auto moderation function is now disabled?

Thanks for your help ...

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