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My "Auto-Moderation: Minimum Post Count" is set to 6
My "Auto-Moderation: URL Count" is set to 0
(no URLs alowed if you do not have at least 6 posts, unless you are mod or admin in which case these settings are ignored)
I'm not using ANY keywords ...

Now I'm confused again ....

So, based upon what you just posted, I did this ...

Auto-Moderation: URL Count (Set to 50)
The maximum number of URLs a user can post in a new thread or reply.

Auto-Moderation: Minimum Post Count (set to 0)
Minimum postcount required to avoid keyword and URL moderation. If user has a higher postcount than this number, their post will never be auto-moderated. This does not effect moderators and admins.

The mission is simple for me.. I just want the darn auto-moderation turned OFF, so there's no possibility for it to affect Admin usergroup RSS auto posters or any other auto poster.

I also want it to check Akismet for spammer's posts for the very first post only (any user group), just as it does now with the standard default vBulletin Akismet function. I assume this mod still does that, even with auto-moderation turned OFF?

Thanks for your help ...

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