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Ah right ... I got it. There is no such field, a banner is shown for the life time of the page. I have been asked several times to add the feature of rotating banners in place while the page is loaded.

Workaround: Eventually you may create a HTML page, which you insert as an IFRAME in your banner space. That HTML may refresh every so time, and would then load a new banner (if there is any). This HTML is already available and has been mentioned a few posts ago. All it needs is to make it work for your specific use, adding e meta tag with the desired refresh period
Here, as an unofficial addon, you get the autorefreshing page (tested). It needs:

- a text editor;
- a refresh time of your choice (see metatag refresh in file, now at 10 seconds);
- a banner location (see placeholder in file, now at position 0);
- at least a banner for that location;
- a global target of a new page aka _blank (RBS options), else you jump into the iframe;
- a template modification for a 468x60 banner:

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Please note: with smaller banners you get white borders, with larger than the iframe area, they are clipped.
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