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Originally Posted by Alibass View Post
Uninstalled going back to v1.2.8

V2.0.1 is not working for me on my 4.1.1 site. No stats show on forum home page and no spammer log attempts showing in the log in the admincp.
I'm sure the mod is working because I normally get 50-60 attempts a day from spammers trying to register and I like to see what's going on on my site. Maybe these issues will be corrected in v2.0.2
I tried going back to v1.2.8 after a complete uninstall and I started getting a DB error while trying to import xml file. So I re-installed v2.0.1 and looks like my issue is a mod conflict with KeyCAPTCHA here.
I disabled KeyCAPTCHA mod and now SOM is displaying stats on forum home page and in the logs in admincp. It would be nice if I could get both mods to work together like I did when I had v1.2.8 installed.
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