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Official 3.1.0 Gold Post

I think I spent 9 months working on the 3.1x series and it feels great to finally make this post. Over the past half year and beyond, I've set out to create the most powerful point/store system that has ever been available at anytime during the existance of forum hacks. Based on your feedback as users of this modification, I finally feel that the Point Market is stable enough to be labled gold. What's gold? This is the finished product of what I wanted from the 3.1x series. I feel that the remaining bugs are minimal enough that no real big issues should exist.

I should first note that this upgrade IS REQUIRED!!! Any version before this (even the 3.0 series) needs to upgrade to this series. There is just too many features, changes, and tweaks over the history of the market for you not to upgrade. In addition in this final gold release, there was one major security fix that had to be addressed. Users NEED to upgrade to this version.

I want to thank all users for their patience. I can now resume scripting the 3.1x series with patches and new features. If you are interested in a branded free option, you are more then welcome to private message me for details.

Currently in Production:
vB 4: Point Market System Version 3.1.2 (A Point Donate/Store System)
Point Market Support: Support Trouble Ticket System
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