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Maybe it is just me, but when I user the inline moderation tools to 'Delete Posts as Spam' and then choose to 'Submit data to Anti-Spam Service' and then proceed to ban the user, everything submits correctly but when I am returned to the thread which contains the post, the cookie 'vbulletin_inlinepost' is not cleared. Same goes for when I 'Delete Threads as Spam'.

I would have to guess that something is causing the problem from a plugin standpoint where it isn't running the setcookie code to clear it. On the forums I am having the problem on, both 'Akismet: Auto-submit from Moderation Tools' and 'StopForumSpam: Auto-submit from Moderation Tools' are set to 'Yes'. Any idea what might be causing this or a possible workaround? Having to go back and uncheck the post/thread adds another annoying step to dealing with spammers.

*edit: i did some further testing and it only fails to clear the cookies when 'StopForumSpam: Auto-submit from Moderation Tools' is set to 'Yes'. Setting it to 'No' allows the cookie to be cleared as expected.
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