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Ok, i've checked and i dont see any of these bots in your native vbulletin WOL, the other mods you have for statistics and total visitors...etc WILL log these as visiting because the bots are directly accessing a url, the logging is done before the url loads completely, my mod also bans them at this point so both mods are working

Just as a note, you're using create a thread, you can quickly get thousands of threads, it's better to use the output.txt logging

Note to all!:
If you have Simon in your ban list this will ban the following:
Lloyd simon

Get the idea?, you dont need to add all those to your ban list, simply because the mod looks for the string "simon" (case doesn't matter) in the entire string, so, if you'd used this in your list:
It would NOT ban:
Simon Lloyd
but it WOULD ban

Hope you all understand this better now and can get to removing duplicates from your list.

@tricksodave, you can delete the temp account for me now thanks, also if you read the above please prune your list.

If any of you have any trouble with editing your lists let me know and i'll help with anything you're stuck with
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