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Version Information:

1.0 - Nov 08 2012
-First version

1.0.2 - Nov 11 2012
-New: Display The User Display Usergroup color if they are in multiple Usergroups Works on newest member too as of 1.0.2
-New: Newest Member Markup without adding a new Query as of 1.0.2

1.0.3 - Nov 12 2012
-Fix bug when someone reply to a post it changes the postusername to the lastposter markup color on thread display
-New: The Plugin Hooks are stored as files now not in database so it's optimizing plugin memory usage since the code has gotten bigger

1.0.4 - Nov 14 2012
-Fix ToolTip Bug on the Started by on threadbit

-New: Activity Stream markup
-New: Search post
-New: Search thread
-New: Search visitor message
-New: Search blog
-New: Calender
-New: Blog stats what going on
-New: Blog Recent Comments
-New: Blog Recent Entries
-New: Member blog
(Note Search is not 100%)

1.0.10 Jun 20 2013
-Fix missing phrases

1.0.11 Jun 27 2013
-Fix Tool tip on Search

2.0.0 Dec 31 2013
-Fix All know Bugs
-Markup Everywhere well almost like 90% if you use every feature that vb has
-Added Member Action Drop-Down where it did not have it "To many place to list"
-Added User Group Permissions in Usergroup Manager (Has it's own Markup)
-Added User Name Font
-Added User Name Prefix (Clan Tags) and the Option to Change to a Suffix in "Usergroup Manager"
-Added Auto Template Edits

2.0.1 Dec 31 2013
-Fix Registration Bug

2.0.2 Dec 31 2013
-Forgot to add the css template css is need for Member Action Drop-Down for the search.

2.0.3 Jan 14 2014
-Fixed a bug where it was taking the username comma from Currently Active Users
New File called edit ** Currently Active Users ** only if you use Clan tags or Username Font

2.0.4 Feb 05 2014
-Fixed an error in the cron file that was pointing to a none directory. Only affected "User Name Font" and "User Name Prefix (Clan Tags)"

2.0.5 Apr 27 2014
-Fixed Display Usergroup color if they are in multiple Usergroups on Forumhome and Forumdisplay

2.0.7 Jan 1 2015
error in code

2.1.0 Mar 20 2015
-Fixed some errors in code
-Added "Use VB - Username HTML Markup" in Usergroup Manager under setting "e360 - Username Html Markup Permissions"

2.1.1 Apr 6 2015
-Fixed error when making a "Blog Post or Blog Comment"

2.1.2 Jun 9 2015
-Fixed bug when in multiple usergroups on forum display last poster has wrong display usergroup
-Fixed bug when registering if Prefix or Font Cache is enabled it would not rebuild Cache

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