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e360 Holiday Info:

April Fools Day 2 Versions
Autumn Leaves With Plow 3 Versions
Balloons float up or down
Christmas Lights
Christmas Presents float up or down
Easter float up or down
Fire Works 2 Versions
Halloween Flying Ghosts
New Year Champagne Bottle
Saint Patricks Day float up or down
Snow Flakes With Plow 5 Versions
Snow Storm 2 Versions
Summer Butterflies
Thanksgiving Day
Valentine Day float up or down
6 Custom Holidays Special Effects Scripts float up or down

Version Information:

v1.0 - Nov 22 2012
-First version
v1.1.0 - Nov 23 2012
-Fixed Java & CSS Bugs on XmasLights
v1.2.0 Nov 28 2012
-New: User can turn off snow FOREVER on edit profile page.
-New: Xmas Lights will now Have Usergroups that can view.
v1.2.1 Nov 30 2012
-Fixed Bug: Now Guest Can See Snow
-New: Snow toggle Buttons are now embedded in the Navbar
v1.3.0 Dec 30 2012
New: added 5 new javascripts now going to be e360 holiday not e360 snowstorm
New: Now will have a javascript for every holiday
New: Now you can set the date when it will start and end for every javascript
New: New Years Champagne Bottle
New: New Years Confetti
New: Valentine Day
New: Saint Patricks Day
New: Raining Christmas Presents
v1.3.1 Jun 21 2013

New: Fire works
v2.0.0 Oct 31 2013

New: 2 Versions April Fools Day
New: 3 Versions of Autumn Leaves With Plow
New: Balloons float up or down
New: Halloween Flying Ghosts
New: 4 Versions of Snow Flakes With Plow
New: New Versions of Snow Storm now there 2
New: Summer Butterflies
New: Thanksgiving Day
New: 6 Custom Holidays Special Effects Scripts float up or down
New: Christmas Presents now float up or down
New: Saint Patricks Day now float up or down
New: Valentine Day now float up or down
New: Easter float up or down
New: Now 2 Versions of Fire Works
New: Layout
New: Now does not do a query on front end
New: Repair Cache
New: Product ID was e360_snowstorm now e360_holiday
Fixed: Time-Zone Bug
v2.0.1 Oct 31 2013
fixed: switch file bug
v2.0.2 Nov 12 2013
New: Added a Date & Time Picker
Change some phrases
v2.0.3 Dec 16 2013
New Setting in Snow Flakes With Plow "Custom Plow Image" now you can make a custom plow will have to re-config "Snow Flakes With Plow"
Deleted Main Setting Guest id
Add a link to Main Setting in AdminCP > e360: Holiday FX > Holiday FX Main Settings

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