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Originally Posted by jcgriff2 View Post
Did you just upgrade to 2.1.0?

Or did you just install for the 1st time?

If the latter, I suggest uninstalling, then reinstalling the XML.

It seems very odd to me that the URL for plug-in manager with hex chars no less is coming up for the Glowhost log.

No problems FTP'ing the modules up?

glowhostspamomatic.php is located in your /admincp directory?

functions_ghsom.php " " in /includes dir?

cpnav_glowhostspamomatic.xml " " in /includes/xml dir?

Then you installed product-glowhostspamomatic.xml via ACP Plug-in Manager?

Apologies for asking -- just want to make sure.
Thank you so much for your help and patience, I have it working properly now.

I think I must have missed or screwed up this step.

cpnav_glowhostspamomatic.xml " " in /includes/xml dir?
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