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Some background on why this change to the plugin is important:

If you are running your forum on a subdomain of your main site, but you want to be able to track people landing on your forum then going to the main site, then you need to make sure the subdomain tracking is enabled.

So site is and the forum is but it all goes through the same GA account and is tracked as if it was part of the same site because I'll add into this plugin setup.

For the forum that I've set up, it's the community part of a large ecommerce site, so it's important to track any revenue that people landing on the forum who then go on to buy something in the shop.

So now I've got this plugin installed, I'll be able to tell how much money the forum generates and which boards and posts go on to generate the sales. Very useful!

I'll give v2 a try for you and will report back.
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