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Originally Posted by Terrablade View Post
What about the Usergroups ID'S and User Id's that are set NOT to be moderated are still being moderated for some odd reason.
I keep having those members' post send to moderation and me having to login to ACP to validate the posts..

It's annoying and defeats the purpose IMHO.
First make a new group based of Users Awaiting Moderation Group then give them permissions to post ie:
Can Post Threads = Yes
Can Reply to Own Threads = Yes
Can Reply to Others' Threads = Yes

Spam O Matic settings
Newbies Manager: Put New User Into Newbies Group? = Yes
Newbies Manager: Newbies Group ID = New group id
Newbies Manager: Trusted/Registered Users Group ID = 2
Newbies Manager: Promotion From Post Count = 9 But you can make this what you want Note: once they hit there 10th post it will move them to group 2 the cron job runs once every hour
Auto-Moderation: Enable = Enabled
Auto-Moderation: Post Action = Moderate Post
Auto-Moderation: Apply Auto-Moderation To Newbies only? = Yes
Auto-Moderation: Minimum Post Count = 1

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