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For me, the most frustrating thing has been having to edit core ibP files to make it gel with whatever skin I had at the time. Since it's based on a pre-written arcade script, there are some things not taken into account when applying classes like tborder and thead to random table cells. In all fairness, this is a problem with most vBulletin modifications that use their own custom pages. Developers aren't necessarily designers, and they just start throwing classes around and nesting tables to their heart's content. Looks fine on default vB, or their own skin. But because it doesn't follow vBulletin's standardized way of using classnames and table or div structure, it all falls apart on some custom skins, when it really shouldn't.

I've had to redesign a lot of modification templates because of this over the years, but then it's just been templates. With ibProAracde, I have to reapply (and potentially rethink) my file edits with every upgrade, or every new skin.
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