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[Q] I want to change the logo - how do I do that because it's not like normal styles... I tried changing the titleimage but that did not work?
[A] Ok that's simple, to explain the logo is used as a background in the css, so it can't be changed like normal styles (editing the titleimage stylevar) because I wanted it to be perfectly centered follow? The only way I could do that and guarantee it was always centered from left to right was to do it as a background: url(image location blah blah) in the css so the css that defines the logo is within additional.css but the titleimage stylevar is what holds the logocover.png file.

How to?!? "Mike shush just tell us now how to change it!" Ok ok fine lol here's the gist of it:
  • The logo is "logo.png" located in the folder /images/avenger/misc/ so look for it there.
  • The logo has a transparent cover over it (helps prevent others from copying your logo) and its also within the same folder i.e. /images/avenger/misc/ and the name is "logocover.png".
  • All you need to do is make your new logo and name it "logo.png" (ensure it's a transparent background .png filetype). If the size differs (width and height in pixels) then also make a new transparent "logocover.png" the same size as your new logo, now upload both - Your new logo will show AND the full size of the logo is now clickable because you also replaced logocover.png .
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