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My experience after a month of using this mod

Now is one month since I installed this mod, and I'd like to share my experience with it.

I don't have a big forum, at the moment I have about 5,500 pageviews a day, so you could have some idea about impact of this mod for your sites.

Anyway, the moment I installed it, the mod raised GCS pageviews. Before I had maybe 1, up to 10 GCS pageviews per day. Now I have abot 200 GCS pageviews per day.

Also, this means much bigger impact on clicks on ads there. In average I have about 10% clicks per pageviews, which is excellent. But you need to know, at least for my site, clicks in GCS are worth much less money. Anyway, I make about 20% of my income through GCS right now.

As Google shows both clicks (for content and for search) together, it looks like I have much more clicks with much less money for each click, but in total, I make more money.

Of course, I couldn't guarantee that same statistics would apply for your site too, but I think you certainly should see increase in your income, number of clicks (and probably, because of worth of search clicks, less money per click).

All in all, great mod, I voted for it as a mod of the month and it leads at the moment quite deservingly.

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