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Thank you for the offer, Force. At this point I've tried the edit to the config.php file and can confirm that Glowhost is no longer active. The two users are not banned (at least not in the database), there are no IP bans (I've never banned an IP although I do ban ranges of IPs in a .htacess file -- and yes, I checked that too) and I looked in the datastore table to confirm that my IP is not banned there, either.

When I attempt to access the control panel I get a "welcome, thanks for logging in" message and then the login page reloads. I had a friend (several minutes ago) try to access the same page with the Admin name and password from an entirely different IP address with the same result.

At this stage I'm thinking that the issue is not Glowhost related and I'm going to do a upgrade of the software and hope the issue is resolved that way. I'm otherwise out of ideas.

Thanks to all that offered suggestions. Many thanks, in fact.
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