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The biggest problem is the newer internet generations not using the internet as older internet generations do. Instead, they sit on their cell phones using social network apps to feed them gossip, news (real & fake), photos, videos, games, etc. They have their entertainment and don't feel a need to venture into what I call the Real Internet...the web as we know interesting journey.

FB & Twit are not easier or harder than forums. People had to learn their way around it just as people did with forums. It's just that all their friends and family are on it so they learned how to use it. Now they are use to it and believe it is easier than anything else.

What really helped the social networks was the media and big business telling people to follow them on social network sites all the time. They are constantly promoting social networks on tv, radio, and even on their own websites. If I want to read the news online, I expect to read it on the news website. If I want to know about a business, sales, coupons, etc. I expect to get that from that business website. And if I want to comment on news or articles I expect to do so without having to have a fb account to comment with!

Let's not forget all the webmasters who go around promoting social networks either. They happily promote them on their own websites, in signatures, forum profiles, etc. If I want to get updates on your website I expect to get them from your website.

The last thing I want to do is follow all these businesses and people around the social networks for their updates and stuff! Sure it might be easier for some people. Especially lazy people. But I highly doubt that many people actually see your updates in their feed when they have so many other things filling up that space. How many people do you actually attract to your website through social networks? How many of them turn into sales or community members?

Way too many businesses and people promoting social networks rather than their own websites. They put more effort into social networking than they do their own websites. Some even forcing you to have a social network account if you want to get updates, comment on their website, etc. All the while social networks gather your browsing history and use it for profit.

Is FB killing forums? No, other people are helping FB kill off forums by making social networks more important than any other websites.
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