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Originally Posted by garyb12001 View Post
My bad - you were correct. Somehow, they got access to my AdminCP (which I renamed from default long ago) and were injecting PHP redirect code into the plugins. I have ensured there are no rogue admin accounts and all passwords have been reset and further secured my AdminCP with .htaccess and voila, the redirects have stopped.

Thankfully, my VPS was not compromised in any way.
If you have the filestore hack you will have to do more than that. You will need to check and clean your files and your database.

A good place to start is in the diagnostics within your admincp and look for debase64 added to any of those files.. Mark has a guide on this if you search.

Better to start a new thread though or post in an existing thread about this hack if you need too so we do not go off topic here.

GlowHost is secure. I have been using it for many years on many sites and never had a security issue with it.

Let us take care of your forum, seo, seo reports, maintenance, what ever you need.

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