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Originally Posted by curriertech View Post
I realize this hasn't been updated in a while and this is probably not worth bringing up but...

For the last few weeks I've had some very persistent spammers causing me headaches. Firstly they're starting off using new email addresses (all gmail) and clean IP addresses from SFS's perspective. They register, then put spam info into their profile fields, such as name. I do the easy cleanup immediately and their data is submitted to SFS as expected. The issue is that since this appears to be automated, they simply register again immediately using the same IP and email, and I have to manually cleanup registrations from the same email/ip multiple times.

I believe this is because of the caching function of GSOM. If only the bad query results (i.e. this name/email/ip is listed in the db), rather than all query results, then this wouldn't be a problem. And, doing it this way wouldn't add unnecessary burden to SFS's servers because valid users aren't constantly trying to register. Caching clean results isn't necessary.

I'm going to comb through the code myself to see if I can cobble something together but I'm not a dev so I don't have high hopes for success.
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