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What it seems to do is truncate the URL for external links IF it is a really long URL such as say one for an image, example:

it turns it into this upon saving:

I don't believe this has anything to do with "images" per se, it just means that this hack is altering any really long external URLs when posted as external links. (When you use the ADD LINK function.) When you click to edit the external link URL, it is all there, but after you post it, it is truncated such that it no longer goes to the correct URL.

Within the same post if you post the URL as a line in the post text (NOT as an external link), the URL appears fine.

To summarize again:
If you try to use the Add Link function to the right of the Image button, upon posting the URL is truncated and invalid. However if you click to edit, the URL is all there. Just upon saving the URL is altered.

But if you simply post a URL within the message, it appears okay.

I am assuming that this is something this hack is doing, and not a bug in VB 5.3.0


As far as what Manuela is saying up there, yes it does post the image when you try to find and post it via URL, but it also makes a crazy URL at the top of the post, which for this URL

looks like this:


So these are two separate, perhaps related, bugs with the hack. I wish Bird O'Prey could find the time to revise this very useful hack. We could pass a donation hat and I would contribute if that would make a difference. Thanks!

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