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This modification is using vBulletin's GDPR consent option, not one for the site that is using the modification i.e. it's not the end-user consenting to GDPR on your forum, they're still accepting it on behalf of Internet Brands/vBulletin GDPR and that has nothing to do with the forum it's installed on.

I'm moving this to the modification graveyard because it's well, just not valid and viable because each site must be GDPR Compliant (to clarify there is no such thing as GDPR Certification etc, you're either not compiant OR you've made the required changes to actually be compliant).

Each individual site must have it's own GDPR "stance" and whether or not they're compliant. The GDPR and the previous EU Cookie Consent are not the same thing, in fact GDPR must be approached in a different manner. To explain:

You would need to update your Privacy Policy for your site, you can use this tool to help you do that it's super-easy to use:

- Please make sure to go through all the left categories as well and mention all 3rd party vendors you share user contacts with.
- You can see the video with an explanation here and their pdf for help is at

All this is just a guide to creating your own GDPR policy, you must then implement it and make any required changes.
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