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With The consent of Magnus, here's an update for vBulletin 3.0.5

This update encompasses 3 things.
  • Install instructions: update of the /includes/init.php edit and a note about new update option in installer
  • The installer: New update option for fixing the ACP options after vB updates
  • Operating script: Agressive and redundant striping of HTML/PHP codes in text input fields
  • Unimplemented and not supported: GZ compression of images (installer and script)

The install instructions reflect a change we have found necessary in init.php since the original version was written. There is now an additional note on one new option to the installer that is for repairing vBgarage after vBulletin updates.

The operating script is updated. The mods attempt to stop injection attacks on the text input fields. Two methods thought to be useful in this attempt were used. One was from and the other directly from vB code. They seem to do the job.

However, nothing is guaranteed! These updates are tested and in use on two boards though. Click either of the links in my signature to see a live demo.

If you attempt to use this code you should do a full backup of your database. Do not assume it will work perfectly, things can go wrong. Backup your database! Back it up twice. Download a copy.

Having said that, here's the files...
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