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Originally Posted by Paul M
Sorry but you both need to be more specific - what exactly is not showing ?

This appears in the usercp, above the reputation received display.

A cannot look at your forum(s) without a link, and test account, since obviously only members can see this.
I'm not really sure how much more specific I can get than it's not showing up anywhere ... nothing shows up, zilch, zero, nada not above the reputation received, below it, to the left or to the right *grin*

(I'm sorry, I'm being flippant I know.. it's not really directed at you.. but it's be humorous or kill the kids right now )

But come to think on it, neither is reputation received display showing up.. so that could be the problem..... let me have a look into that, then if I can't figure it out I'll make up a test account

Thanks for the quick responses so far tho, Paul.. it really is appreciated (I'm sure my flippantness didn't convey that earlier in this same post!)
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