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-Bugfixes: table_prefix, some rules, personal records, new card ordering, italics in catalog, one/difference override bug, removed some ai vulnerabilities

-Changes: vB Standard PHP/MySQL, various template tweaks, preparations for tournaments, removal of automated usercards links, better usage of globalize and actiontemplates etc, revision of pm alert system, reverse means selection is level or higher

-Additions: rulesbox on handchoose, wagers, confirm dialog on purchase, limit certain pm alerts, inventory addition function for new cards

And many more which I didnt keep track of....

-Download the zip file in the first post, and the upgrade zip in this post. Follow the instructions in the upgrade zip.

Just because I decided against automated usercards, doesnt mean your hack cant use them.
If you are interested in creating new cards/decks for this hack, or for creating special unique cards for a particular hack user (Usercards) then download the attached card creation kit, and read the text file in it.
If anyone would like to create a new cardset for my hack, or even a new board, feel free to do so, and I'll see about including it in new versions (or having whole new decks) Many sites do this, just don't steal their images and resize them

Be sure to click install!

A second version of a card creation kit, along with more detailed instructions for the actual creation of the images, has been attached, thanks to AllenSam
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I probably want my scripts to work on your site more than you do!

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